A meeting in need of education. 

Konoe Has had a rough morning, morning meetings often tend to drag on, but smoking seems to be his escape, or is it teaching another chap the lessons he thinks he’s missing?


Changes in the website. 

So I have been to inactive of late, why? Well there has been a change in our structure. Most of my writers quit. Actually all but myself did. And for a moment I felt a bit of a dip, unrelated to them, so I couldn’t hold up a pen. Not writers block but just the…

The X in the room. 

I didn’t know how to breathe. Slowly, fast, controlled, normal or just the way I used to when I was with the X in the room? She told me things were changing, no longer that monthly visits, she didn’t have her three partners anymore, she was going steady now committing to herself from this moment…

Best thing that happened this year so far.

​I was at work and my boss said, “I’m not in the mood to work” and then he looked at me…. A gleam in his eyes and ready to strike like a hungry predator set to kill his pray with the most vicious one liner a man can throw at another man on the day…

John doesn’t want to die a Virgin.

So I went ahead, and wrote my Christmas piece, someone told me, Christmas wasn’t until the Second of Januari, so I had a day or two left. It’s a bit edgy so I suggest caution to those of Christian religion, or if you’re up for it, please read and leave a comment and raise controversy.

Osama Bin Santa [A Festive Short Story]

An ex-Osama Bin Laden impersonator has turned up at the mall under the guise of Santa Claus. Bits of meat have been falling out of his presents, children are in tears, and he’s about to confess to a murder.

Christmas Eve

Hidden away among the coastal Maine cold, Lies a love story of sorts yet to be told; Swaddled closely I held  her so dear, As the final hour until Christmas drew near.   Humming softly to her the songs that I sing, Never wanting for her to fear of anything. The eyes of her father,…

Twin Fire: Part 1.1 Everything is ruined. 

So here is part one. Of the twin fire series. I changed the names a bit because this is better…. hope you all enjoy. (this will be all previews to my book, which I will release on Lulu.com and Amazon for download or purchase. Feel free to drop a comment)

Dolly’s Heart belongs to…

So here it is, the first rule abiding piece of 1921, by the author of the website himself, Main man Seakay! You ready to laugh your socks of, or be utterly insulted, or confused, well whatever it is, READ!